Why Us?

At Arconic, we take pride in our contributions to the military and thank all veterans for their service, their commitment and their sacrifices. We would be honored to work together with you as you bring your skills to help our customers win, to strengthen our plant operations and to shape the future of our communities.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Meet Our Veterans


Lyle Andersen
Reliability Technician
United States Marine Corps - Aviation Electrician

“A transition out of the military can be an overwhelming experience for veterans. For most exiting the military, at the top of the list of items to address is employment. My advice to those leaving the armed forces would be to do your research, use all resources available to you through the military, VA or civilian sector, and devise a plan to follow through with. Some choose to go to school with GI bill benefits, others choose to utilize their skill sets learned through military schools and enter directly into the workforce. Whatever you choose, seek guidance from those who have gone through the process or are organized to provide the help you need. Transition assistance programs regarding job searches, resume building workshops, and networking groups or websites are great resources to learn from and get questions answered. Military skill sets translate into fields directly related to your training, but keep an open mind when targeting new employment. Leadership can translate across job fields if you can demonstrate the ability to lead well. Lastly, keep an open mind regarding education. A degree or certificate will open doors that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Certificate programs may help those with immediate needs to enter the workforce at a faster rate than a college degree, and job fields such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics and pipefitters are facing a shortage. These fields can provide lucrative, satisfying careers that are often not thought of.”


Karlton (“Blade”) Johnson
U.S. Air Force (Retired) - Colonel, Cyberspace
Operations & Defense

“Military veterans are a highly valuable force-enabler for virtually any place in the private or public-sector marketplace. The leadership, management, and professional expertise you have is second-to-none; corporate and small-business America need you to be their “impact players” and take them to their next levels of excellence. And remember that your military Brothers and Sisters will always be there to help you succeed in your new life. Just reach out and touch that network, and be sure to pay it forward once you get there. See you on the High Ground or Blue Skies!”

Arconic Veterans Network

Join Arconic and join a network of people who are passionate about industry-changing technology that advances the world. You’ll have the opportunity to work with leading global companies that operate in world-changing industries—such as aerospace, automotive, building and construction, defense and commercial transportation.

You’ll be part of a diverse culture of learning, teaching and mentorship. We support an increasingly inclusive work environment through employee resource groups, like the Arconic Veterans Network for those who served in the military, for those who continue to serve as Reservists, as well as those who want to support our veterans as Allies – no matter whether they themselves have served in the military or not. Besides building on the talents and skills of veterans for our customers and in our plants, the Arconic Veterans Network represents Arconic in local communities in a wide range of causes from disaster relief to education.

Defense is one of the key markets we serve. Across air, land and sea, our defense innovations maximize speed, agility and survivability. Working in collaboration with every branch of the U.S. military and other defense partners, we create multi-material solutions that are lighter, faster, stronger and more cost effective.