Production Supervisor - Afternoon Shift in Halton Hills at Arconic

Date Posted: 1/10/2020

Job Snapshot

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    Halton Hills
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    Not Specified
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Job Description

Production Supervisor - Evening Shift
Position Purpose

This position is primarily accountable for ensuringthat all pieces produced by the unit are prepared and made into final productsin accordance with the production plan and as per the specifications and theprescribed quality norms.

Key Results Areas

PRODUCTION PLANNING                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Ensures that the unit productionplan is achieved within the pre-established delays and budgets.
    1. Participates inthe development of the production plan and schedules for his unit.
    2. Planning function.
    3. Developsmanpower work schedules to reflect production plan requirements.
    4. Distributeswork assignments and ensures that all plan requirements.
    5. Ensure thatemployees have the material, tools and supply required to effectivelyaccomplish their work activities.
    6. Ensures overallresponsibility of the department activities.
    7. Ensures dailyproduction quotas are met.
    8. Ensures thatmaintenance needs of equipment are followed up.
    9. Controlsman-hours worked, attendance, overtime.
PERSONNEL SUPERVISION                                                                                                                                         
Ensures that the performance andproductivity level of personnel under his responsibility is steadily andcontinually improving. 
    1. Is responsible for all department personnel.
    2. Treats employees respectfully, recognizing them individuallyas a Company investment and resource.
    3. Implements Company policies and procedures as well asthe Howmet Ethic program and ensures understanding and adherence.
    4. Ensures that employees know well what expectationsthey have to meet.  Expectations may be formulatedin the form of “deliverables” or “key results areas” as developed in this jobdescription.
    5. Ensures that employee understand how performanceresults are monitored and measured.
    6. Ensures that employees understand the unit productionplan objectives as it relates to them.
    7. Communicates and explains production needs/problemsand ensures complete understanding by each employee.
    8. Explains and discusses with each employee specific jobtasks required to achieve production plan objectives.
    9. Ensures that employees know and understand the unit’sperformance indicators.
    10. Ensures that employees know well how to do their joband which standards they have to respect.
    11. Ensures that every employee receives the trainingrequired to successfully do his job and work within a continuous improvementapproach.
    12. Ensures open and frank two-way communication withemployees, paying special attention to actively listening.
    13. Periodically reviews individual employee’s performanceand discusses with them.
    14. Stays alert to identify and respond to employees’training requirements.
    15. Is a coach for his employees: ensures support andguidance by providing regular “feedback” on their performance and behaviour. Ensures positive reinforcement and “on-the-job” training.
    16. Ensures impartial and fair application ofadministrative rules on matters such as job evaluation and classification, payprogression, promotion, shift premium, overtime and attendance.
    17. Ensures impartial, fair and consistent application ofdisciplinary measures. 
    18. Ensures cooperation between individuals anddepartments in order to encourage teamwork.