Manager, Quality in Fontana, CA at Arconic

Date Posted: 12/24/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Summary of Position Responsibilities:  Direct Quality efforts throughout the Company in accordance with customer and company requirements and provide leadership for the Quality department.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
Provide the overall Quality Control/Assurance direction of the Company, the necessary resources to address quality issues and act as the ultimate authority for all quality related issues.
Determine and enforce quality requirements in accordance with company needs, based on current regulations and product development.
Organize and promote companywide quality improvement efforts.
Evaluate and develop improved techniques for the control of quality.
Implement and maintain the company quality system.
Serve as head of the Quality Steering Committee to report on the performance of the quality system for review and as a basis for improvement of the quality system.
Act as a liaison with external parties on matters relating to the quality system, quality of products and audits.
Serve as member of Management committees or other committees as needed.


Supervisory Responsibilities:
Supervise Metallurgists, Quality Systems Supervisor, Quality Engineers, Process Control Lead Person and Quality Department staff.
Specific Objectives:
Evaluate Quality employees’ skill sets, workloads and performance, and make necessary changes within the group for more effective utilization of each individual. 
Revamp current Quality Management System to more thoroughly meet the requirements of AS9100 Rev B (ISO 9001 (2000)) and reflect current business needs.
Reestablish control of the following areas:  Cause/Corrective Action, Preventative Action, Calibration, Internal Audits, and Training.  Specifically:
  • Cause/Corrective Action: 
    1. Enforce timely response to CARs
    2. Require actual Root Cause investigation – no more ineffective Corrective actions
  • Preventative Action:
    1. Ensure the plan for establishing Process Capability and Improvement developed in the Quality Steering Committee is implemented.
      • Establish the following control points in the process:  post-Forge Inspection, pre-Machining Inspection, MRB, RMA.
        • Define process capability outputs (measurements), such as first time yield, scrap and delivery performance.
        • Develop plans for continuous improvement of output and preventative actions.
        • Drive Cost Reduction activity.
  • Calibration:
    1. Coordinate with Supervision of the various departments to flow down the importance of calibration requirements to all personnel.  This should include serious disciplinary action, including dismissal for offenders.
  • Internal Audits:
    1. Quality Department has been trained as Internal Auditors.
      • Other individuals have been trained and still require to take the test; Robyn Walker, Debby White and Hector Tinoco.
  • Training:
    1. Create a training matrix for all positions at FMI
    2. Distribute required training materials and training log sheets to respective Supervisors/Managers
      • Supervisors & Managers to train their respective employees on Procedures and Work Instructions pertinent to their job functions.
      • Feedback should be encouraged.  Copies should be marked up to reflect the current practice of the actual employees.
      • Procedures and WI will be revised where possible to reflect employee recommendations and to ensure conformance to all requirements.
      • Future violations of procedures, once training is complete, are not to be tolerated.
Basic Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business Management, from an accredited institution


Preferred Qualifications:

A minimum of seven to ten years of directly related experience in the aerospace manufacturing/forging industry

Strong working knowledge of Quality systems and specifications