Equipment Operator Polishing in Hutchinson, KS at Arconic

Date Posted: 10/10/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Interpersonal Relationships:
•        Daily contact with Team Leader, Inspectors, co-workers, various departments, and various levels of local management.
•        On occasion, interaction with customers, vendors, and external auditors.
•        Frequent coordination with metal movement for skid changes.
•        Ability to constructively participate in various team functions (e.g. safety, problem identification, and problem solving).


Essential Functions
This position requires;
•        A moderate degree of dexterity involving ordinary speed and accuracy.  Motions include but not limited to bending, twisting, kneeling, reaching, grasping, pulling etc.
•        Standing for up to 12 hours.
•        Hand/eye coordination, necessary for equipment operation.
•        Normal vision, corrected if necessary.
•        The ability to climb onto a raised working surface and work on a periodic basis on hands and knees. Duration typically does not exceed 2 hour continuous timeframes.
•        Lifting of up to 50 pounds.
•        Handling of 16’ 2” x 6”s, plywood and other misc. production and packaging materials.
•        Use of hand saws, hammers and other misc. powered hand tools.
•        Require the use of personal protective equipment.
•        Ability to work in hot temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter if needed.
•        Plant operates on a 24/7 schedule. Must be able to have the ability to work nights, weekends, holidays, etc. if needed.
Non-Essential Functions
•        Have a thorough knowledge of AAC documentation which includes work instructions, discrete jobs, ATPs, Sales Orders, etc.
•        Must attain safe/customer operator certification as defined by competency requirements.
•        Have basic computer skills.
•        Have an understanding of tolerances in accordance with Aluminum Standards Handbook.
•        Have a working knowledge of metal properties (alloy and temper).
•        Have a basic understanding of customer surface quality specifications.
•        Have the knowledge and certification (as required) to safely operate material handling equipment such as forklift trucks and overhead cranes.
•        Know the fundamentals of skid enclosing.
•        Know the fundamentals of sheet cleaning.
•        Know how to read and operate precision tools such as depth gauge, ultrasonic gauge, and micrometer.
•        The employee will function within a team setting, led by a team leader, who as a resource, provides assistance, solves problems, gives direction, sets expectations, and monitors performance.
•        The employee will demonstrate the ability to function in a self-directed manner without continual supervision. 
•        Working in accordance with established safety rules, quality rules, and Safe Work Instructions.
•        Participate in and contribute to safe workplace activities—TSC, STOPs, etc.
•        Participate in and contribute to Arconic Business System activities.
•        Thorough completion of pre-shift operational check sheet.
•        Meet shift turnover requirements.
•        Engraving appropriate identification markings on specified unpolished sheets prior to polishing to assure traceability.
•        Placement of skids containing raw material onto the front side of polishing complexes.
•        Use of Frontside trolley to load sheets onto polishing table.
•        Pre-inspection of material using a calibrated tape measure and micrometer.
•        Maintaining 5S requirements.
•        Restocking of supplies.
•        Adjustments to and cleaning of suction cups on the unloading trolley.
•        Participate in buff changes.
•        Participate in Baghouse cleaning.
•        Participate in a table gasket change and other setup requirements.
•        Accurate recording of downtime in Citect software database.
•        Monitor vacuum levels and table temperatures.
•        Maintaining nails and combs.
•        Installation of J-Block.
•        Identify and report to inspector possible non-conforming conditions detected while cleaning sheets.
•        The safe operation of material handling equipment such as overhead cranes, vacuum grabs, and forklift truck, to include pre-operational safety checks.
•        Operation of the buff press.
•        Maintains clean polishing table surface to avoid vacuum dents, and repairs setups in gaskets between sheets.
•        Inventories operating supplies.
•        Verifies package tickets and compares to work order and ensuring that package tickets are retained and turned in to quality inspectors upon the completion of work orders.
•        Participate in buff-building.
•        Assisting in other production areas as required (to include but not limited to Finishing, Taping, Shearing, Surf Con, Material Movement, and Equipment Operation).
•        Cleaning trace amounts of residual polishing compound from the edges and bottom of polished sheets.
•        Cleaning the surface of polished sheets.
•        Stenciling appropriate identification markings on polished sheets.
•        Apply appropriate interleave materials.
•        The movement of empty skids into, and fully loaded skids from the backside pickup area of polishing complexes.
•        Preparation of skids, in accordance with customer’s specifications, for each polishing job.
•        Trimming and enclosing fully loaded skids from completed work orders.
•        Enclosing skids of non-conforming material disposition for cut-down.
•        Enclosing of non-conforming material.
•        Movement of cut-down and non-conforming material.
•        Separation and segregation of scrap material.
•        Cleaning of backside table vacuum filters on polishers.
•        Operation of polishing trolleys.
•        Participate in breaking down larger stacks of metal into smaller stacks.
•        Maintaining the cleaning roll in an acceptable manner and make new rolls as needed.
•        Utilizing proper ergonomic tools and activities.
Level II Requirements
12 months in position as a Level I Operator
•        Basic Shop Math
•        Advanced Concepts
•        Calibrated Tools
•       Basic Metallurgy


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