HR coordinator in Halton Hills at Arconic

Date Posted: 9/5/2019

Job Snapshot

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    Halton Hills
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    Not Specified
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Job Description


This position is primarily responsible of providingsupport to the employees and supervisors in all Human Resources aspects of thedepartment. It is responsible of the hourly hiring process and the orientationof new employees. It maintains the human resources personnel system and thebenefits programs. It provides other support that the plant may need inrelation to H.R.  

KeyResults Areas 

NO. 1        RECRUITMENT/ ORIENTATION                                                                              40%   
Ensures recruitment process is followed as per internal procedures.
    1. Preparesemployee requisitions and forwards them for approval.
    2. Preparesinternal & external job postings.
    3. Receives andsorts c.v.
    4. Communicateswith candidates and schedules interviews.
    5. Interviewscandidates and introduces them to supervisors.
    6. Meets withsupervisors for candidate selection.
      Ensures new employees are informed of company’s rulesand regulations.
    1. Prepares new employee package.
    1. Presentsall relevant documentation to new employees.
    1. Provides ethicstraining to new employees and coordinates EHS/ABS trainings.
NO. 2        EMPLOYEES RELATIONS                                                                                    20%
Provides support to the employees and supervisors in all Human Resourcesaspects of the department.
  1. Advisesand recommends appropriate disciplinary measures to supervisors.
    1. Answersemployee’s questions.
    2. Participates inthe elaboration of employee’s recognition activities.
    3. Participates inAlcoa’s Global Voices Survey administration and follow up.
NO.3         COMMUNICATION                                                                                                    10%
    1. Contributes to the elaboration of company’spolicies.
    1. Informssupervisors of all new policies and provides them support.
    2. Writes letters, memosand keep up to date the boards (bulletin + DMM).
NO. 4        GROUPBENEFITS                                                                                                   10%                                                                                                                                                               
Ensures that all employees are covered under the insurance andretirement plans. Maintains updated information in order to offer appropriatesupport as needed. 
Dental &Medicare plan
    1.   Enrolls all new employees under insuranceplan.
    2.   Providesinformation on insurance coverage to employees.
      BasicPension Plan & Retirement Savings Plan
    3. Providesinformation on the QSPP (Quebec Simplified Pension Plan) to employees andenrolls      interested employees.
      Short-termand Long-term disability plans
    4. Providesinformation on short and long term disability plans to employees.
NO. 5        ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT                                                                                   20%
Ensures that all files are continuously being updated in all HR System’smodules.
    1. Executes alldaily updates as required (departmental, salary or supervisor modifications,etc.).
    2. Buildsemployees’ personal profiles as per hired.
    3.  Builds employees’ personal profiles as perhired.
    4. Maintainstraining data for all employees in order to provide the 1% report at the end ofthe year.
    5. Maintains allpersonal files updated.
    6. Updates and handsout employees’ vacation list to compensation service and supervisors/managers.
    7. Prepares weeklyheadcount.
    8. Answers externalrequests regarding employment verifications or others.
Ensures maintenance of new/actual employees’ files in Kronossoftware.
5.9 Entersnew employees in Kronos software.
5.10 Maintains information in Kronossoftware (change of shift/department, employee status, etc).
NO.6         ETHICS AND VALUES                                                                                               
Respects the values and code of ethics of the company.
6.1 Gives ethics training to new employees.
6.2 Assists HR manager in preparing the annual ethicstraining.
6.3 Avoids conflict of interest situations.
6.4 Ensures that management trust is not violated.
6.5 Acts in the company bests interests.
6.6 Seeks constant internal as well as external“client” feedback.
6.7 Takes personal responsibility for quality ofproducts or services rendered.
6.8 Displays a positive, willing to work attitude, assomeone who can be counted on to be at work, on time, every day.